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          ?table border="0" cellsp?ding="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%"> Services Custom Coil Winding M?dhine Design &a?n; Manufact}ring Metal Fabrication Services
          Portfolio ?tbody> ?tr>?td id="idContentTblCell" valign="top">

          ETSM specializes in the
          Custom Design and Manuf?d?ure of

          Coil Winding Equipment
          &a?n; Metal Fabrication Services

          ?tr valign="top"> ?td class="bucket1">Custom Coil
          Winding Ma?jine
          Design & Manuf?d?uring
          Custom Coil Winding M?dhine Design &a?n; Manufact}ring
          ?td>  ?td class="bucket2">Metal Fabrication
          Metal Fabrication Services
          ETSM Te?jnical Advant?he

          At ETSM, we e?nloy 40+ xe?qle to provide a variety of technical and mechanical services to local and international industrial manuf?d?uring?dompanies. We also service customers in the sectors of construction and agricul?ure. Our diverse range of technical services provide us with a co?netitive edge when offering solutions for your custom manuf?d?uring

          ETSM services include:
          • Custom Ma?jine Design
          • Computerized Drafting
          • Metal M?dhining
          • Sheet Metal Fabrication & Welding
          • Automation Control &a?n; Process
          • Millwrighting
          • Me?janical Rebuilding &a?n; Repair
          • Metal Finishing
          mimiai最新地址 ?tbody> ?td>  ?td>Foil Coil Winder for Electrical Transformer
          Foil Coil Winder for Electrical Transformer
          ?td>  ?td>150 Ton Coil Press for Electrical Transformer
          150 Ton Coil Press for Electrical Transformer
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